Your sensitive data in the right place.

We all have personal and sensitive information that outline our daily life and/or our professional activity.
It could be patents, access to online services, contracts, instructions…


Have you prepared their transmission if ever the need arose?


How does Gettary work ?


How do you deal with your sensitive information ?

How do you ensure their protection and transmission to a person of trust if needed ?


Gettary might be the solution you need to ensure their deliverability based on the guidelines you set out.

How does Gettary work?

Gettary is a highly secure online saving platform to store files and documents.

Through the creation of a GET, you can predefine the situations or cases in which you would like your information to be transferred and, more importantly, to whom!

Moreover, the application allows you to designate a person of trust empowered to validate and/or initiate the transfer of all or parts of the stored information, based on the Get you create.

No diving into source code or any complexities, thanks to a highly secure and user-friendly interface.

Gettary is a highly secure and user-friendly app that helps you set out the way your sensitive information is dealt with.

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Discover when Gettary might come in handy

You might have come across a situation where :

a client lost access to their WEB server;
a relative could have made things easier for you if they had set out instructions;
a service provider disappeared with the source code of your project;…

We did personally experience such circumstances. And no doubt far more will come fill this page over time.

Usage de Gettary par un particulier

As an individual

you will want to keep certain sensitive information safe and insured: bank codes – instructions – Crypto Wallet – copy of will – act of propriety – lease…

As a freelancer

you will have information to safeguard against any contingency: company status –
access to online services (data hosting, domain names) – billing programme – source code – patents – clients’ credentials – instructions…

Gettary Solution pour Entreprises

A company

might ask of their service providers to install this system to ensure the continuity of its development in prevision of any set back (bankruptcy, accident, life unexpected event).

An associate and/or a shareholder

might be interested in using Gettary to gather all the sensitive information of the company in a secure “portfolio”.

A spouse

might be reassured to have a quick and easy access to the couple’s personal information.

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I think it’s super cool!
I sometimes ask myself the question.
For example, I’m the only one who has some access to my project …

Anthony H.

As soon as I open it, I share my “backup sentence” with a parent so as never to lose my blockchain wallet again or to secure it in the event of a problem …
Jason S.

We will ask our service providers to place the various accesses to our online services there in order to keep control over …
Isabelle T.

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